Motherhood Moment | 2


 Excerpted from an interview I did with Beyond Mom. Click here to read the whole thing!

One thing I always do is hand it over to universe. In hard moments I ask, is there a better way for me to be doing this? If so show me the way. And the beautiful thing is I always receive some form of intuition or guidance. It might not happen right away. I usually have to calm down a bit before I can really hear it. It can be easy to get caught in the murky, anxiety-ridden waters of new parenthood. I know I have had plenty of moments. Especially in those first few months. So much doubt comes up. But by turning it over to a higher power or love or the universe, whatever you want to call it, helps me know that I am being guided along this parenting journey, and that I am capable of the job and that my husband and I are not alone in the responsibility.


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