The Open Road


Tomorrow, I will be on a plane from NYC to Austin. I’m leaving for a long weekend to spend five days driving a friend’s 26 foot UHaul halfway across the country with Michael. Some people think this is a truly insane way to spend my time. But, I cannot wait. Michael and I drove across the country a couple of years back and it was an exhausting and exhilarating experience. We also road-tripped from Portland to LA one Summer, stopping in the Redwoods to camp and stare in awe at the mind blowing beauty. Driving in a car together is sort of a favorite past time for us. We listen to whole albums. I read him long-form articles from the The New York Times and New York Magazine. We play books on tape and podcasts. We visit strange and beautiful parts of the US. And we talk. We talk about anything and everything and we have nothing but time and the open road ahead of us. 

This time around, I’m joining Michael halfway through the journey (he left from DC on Monday). Together, the two of us will start in Austin, TX and make our way to Los Angeles, Ca. But first, we’ll visit my dad and swim in Lake Travis, sleep in a Safari Tent in Marfa, TX, stay with family friends in Phoeniz, AZ and eat In N Out on the West Coast. Here’s to the open road!


One thought on “The Open Road

  1. have a fab time chelsey – i too LOVE road trips!
    when are you coming to UK?
    we miss you
    love kell harry and kids xxxx

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