Girl Gift…Go!


This week, we’re trying something a little different: a short video series that we’re calling Girl Gift Go (shout out to Christina’s husband, Chris, for his ingenious name suggestion!). Click the picture above to watch! 

The drive behind Girl Gift Go is our love of making videos and sharing them with our community. As you all know, those beautIful GIRL, GIFT and GATHER episodes require a crew, equipment, and our wonderful filmmaker/editor, Maya. But these off the cuff videos are shot on our iPhone and edited by the two of us. You’ll notice little Oliver trotting in and out of the shot and that the make-up and hair is at its most minimal. This is us being honest, raw and real with you guys and sometimes that means sound effects added by (very cute) babies and filming session on Christina’s couch. But that’s the whole point of Girl Gift Go! It’s impromptu and a little bit rough and tumble.

It’s about catching the moments that are inspiring and exciting to us (whether that’s a quick Q&A with a woman we love, a behind the scenes look at our meetings, or just a friendly chat over a cup of tea) and sharing them with you. We started this series by asking ourselves a question that we ask all of the women we interview: ‘what is your most grounding act or ritual?’. This question seemed like a great place to start, especially since we’ve both been travelling,working and getting out of our comfort zones so much lately! We hope you enjoy the video and we can’t wait to share a few more with you. And don’t worry, this series is in addition to and not in replacement of our GIRL, GIFT and GATHER episodes (we’ve got some of those in the works for you too).



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