Summer Selections


This week, we’re sharing our Summer Selections — our favorite things to eat, drink, read, see, wear, and do while the weather is warm and the days are long.


The Vacationers – I picked up this book on Wednesday in preparation for laying poolside. It’s a perfect read for vacation — light, well written and a little juicy. (Plus, if you’re traveling with your extended family this Summer, you’ll really appreciate it!).

Train Wreck – When it’s 100 degrees in NYC, my favorite place to cool down and chill out is the movie theater and since Amy Schumer has been killin’ itall Summer, I know this will be good.

This Bikini — Because high-waisted is my new favorite. Plus, it’s pretty patriotic if you ask me.

The Perfect Summer Jeans – Bought them in June (Christina and I both have a pair and this happens all the time) and have been wearing them all Summer long.

Noodle Salad with Chicken and Chile-Scallion Oil — Michael and I’s favorite thing to cook for dinner on a humid city evening.

Coconut Balm Dot Com — Smells like the beach. Feels like heaven.


Ace & Jig everything (but particularly this blanket). I have become pretty obsessed with this amazing textile company of late. And I am fantasizing on the regular about this blanket being a part of our family’s summertime adventures for years to come.

Hey Natalie Jean– I had the joy of chatting with Natalie of the blog Hey Natalie Jean last Sunday at Local Creative’s #localloft. We spoke about extended breastfeeding, sleep schedules, having babies in Brooklyn, fertility… amongst other things that takes a special kind of openness to delve into during the course of a 10-minute conversation. I bought her book and when I went home basically finished the whole thing that night. All the while thanking my lucky stars that I found such a beautiful person and book at the most perfect time.

Bellocq | White Nixon: Can I ever have a recommendations section without shouting out to Bellocq and their delicious teas? I think not. The White Nixon blend is my new favorite summer time tea. Hot or cold, the blend of organic white tea, organic lavender, organic flower petals, and natural essence is just magic! 

Here’s to many many many more weeks of Summer!



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