On the cape


When Michael was a kid, he went camping on Cape Cod every summer. The long peninsula made up of fifteen towns is home to many of his childhood memories. He took me for a visit last August and I immediately fell in love with the ponds, bike trails and seafood shacks. So this summer, we knew we had to schedule a visit. We packed our car with tents and sleeping bags and headed out to Nickerson State Park.

Our weekend was made up of long bike rides along the rail trail, afternoons at the beach and evenings in the clear, cool ponds. We saw Jurassic World at the Drive-In movie theater and ate soft-serve with sprinkles every day. In the evenings, we threw corn on the camp fire and roasted marshmallows as we read aloud to one and other from Catcher In The Rye. This trip, we even managed to visit the Cape Cod Lavender Farm which is about the dreamiest place ever. We’re planning on making our camping trip a summer tradition! I’m still getting my bearings out there but hopefully next Summer I’ll have a guide for you. For now, just a few pictures of our weekend on the Cape…


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