Saying Goodbye


Our building was brand new when we moved in so we were the first to make these few rooms our home. We were engaged, married, pregnant, gave birth and spent the first year of Oliver’s life in this apartment. An apartment we are preparing to say farewell to.

Yesterday was Oliver’s first birthday. A far more emotional experience then I was prepared for. I found myself walking around our home, reliving the labor, reliving the moment he was born, remembering how I got up and laid on the couch and nursed him for the very first time. How we all got into bed together as a family hours later. How beautiful it all was. How perfect. It wasn’t hard to do because this place holds those memories within it.

I think about the energy we are leaving here. About all the people that will live here after us. I believe that these walls will support them through periods of intense growth and joy and discovery as well. 

I am feeling so grateful and so heavy at the same time. About the years that have gone by. About my son turning one. About saying goodbye to this place. 

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