A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

It’s been a pretty good week for ladies. First off, we got the $10 bill. The question is, which wonderful lady will be on it come 2020?

In other finance related news, JLaw is getting paid fairly (aka more than her male co-star who hasn’t won an Oscar).

The state of New York reached an agreement on a new bill dedicated to sexual assault on college campuses. This is a pretty incredible piece of legislation that will broaden campus-sexual-assault standards put in place by SUNY to include public and private schools in New York state. Campuses would also be required to distribute a student “bill of rights” that informs them of their reporting rights in the aftermath of a sexual assault. Learn more about the bill here.

Helen Mirren speaks out about ageism and Hollywood (and also manages to sound so incredibly British and awesome). 

And speaking of older woman who are simply incredible, The ManRepeller sat down with Linda Rodin this week. Is there anyone cooler, more stylish or more freakin’ awesome than Linda Rodin? We do not think so. 

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful thing to do this weekend.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend.

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