Summer In The City

 Image via  The Odyssey Online

Image via The Odyssey Online

It’s been a rainy June. Like really rainy. And grey. And kind of cold. And all this lame weather has got me thinking about how magic Summer in New York City really is. When the sun finally decides to stop being so damn shy, you’ll find me participating in the below:

For days when it’s Just Too Hot: The New Whitney 

The current exhibit, America Is Hard To See, is engaging, inspiring and all encompasing. Plus, there’s an increidble view of the city (and the Hudson) and the toasts at Danny Meyer’s, Untitled, are the perfect post-museum snack. 

For people watching (and sun-soaking): Rockaway Beach

Hop on the Rockabus with a bag full of sunscreen and some Summer Water and consider your Saturday taken care of.

For Sundays: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

For the very best sundaes of course (and vegan ones too!).

For summer celebrations: Leyenda 

Ivy Mix‘s new bar, Leyenda, is getting all sorts of love and I can’t wait to make this Tequila-lovin’ spot my new watering hole.

For the big screen: Free Summer Movies

Movies with a view. Pack a picnic and settle in for Clueless, Jaws, Grease, Roman Holiday, Jurassic Park and more!

For photo ops: Please Touch The Art

This Brooklyn Bridge based sculptural exhibit “generates spontaneous expressions and social connections, giving us new perspectives on ourselves and the world we share.” All with a back drop of Manhattan and the East River.

Here’s to a fun-filled city Summer!



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