Past in Present


This week, Christina shared her personal thoughts centered around her relationship to the past. (More about that here.) It’s a funny thing, the past. No matter how well we may think we’ve dealt with our issues, they often come up at surprising times and in unpredictable forms. Slowly but surely, the two of us are realizing that the past is not simply something you deal with and wash your hands of. Rather, it lives in you, informing your choices and shaping your perspective. For some, this truth seems terrible; “we’re all yoga-ing and meditating and deep breathing in an effort to stay present. We can’t have the past setting up shop on our insides!” But the fact of the matter is, what you’ve been through has unequivocally shaped who you are. The past and the present are undeniably linked and this can either be a scary, terrible truth or a wonderful, freeing one.

Dealing with our past is a part of growing. And there is a certain beauty in the knowledge that we’ll never get more than we can handle. This applies to experiences outside of ourselves but also inside ourselves. So often, when our lives have finally settled and we’re feeling steady, we come face to face with some former anxiety or trauma. “But why?”, we ask ourselves. “I’m so happy now. Everything in my life is just right.” It is only when we have the emotional strength to face our past that our minds will allow it to come forth. Somewhere deep down, we know that this is the best chance we have of truly healing and forgiving ourselves. Sometimes, this feels like the worlds biggest catch-22. We’re always growing and often it is hard and exhausting and can feel like too much. But in the end, it’s important to remember that all this work is moving us towards a much happier, fulfilled, compassionate present.

Here’s to a beautiful week! 



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