A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Elle

Image via Elle

It’s been a rainy start to June and it seems that the weather’s going to remain dreary this weekend. Here’s a few reads to kick off a lazy Saturday and Sunday in bed…

Are companies squashing ambitions in women? 

Lix Pruit, founder of Tartine in San Francisco, shares some honest thoughts about what it’s like to be a woman, a mother and a business owner in today’s culinary climate with Luck Peach. This piece was really inspiring to us and it goes way beyond women in food. If you read anything this weekend, let it be this. Our favorite quotes include: “The right question is: How do men and women figure out how to have it all together?”

Amy Schumer knocks it out of the park again. This time at the Glamour Women of the Year awards.

The return of the ‘girl movie’ — movies made by women, starring women, for women. 

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful book.

A beautiful woman


One thought on “A Beautiful Weekend

  1. Such a really worth reading (Liz Prueitt – Tartine). Let’s start asking the right question and/or stoping answering the wrong one.
    Thanks for the link.
    Congrats for your blog. I Really love it!! 🙂
    Gemma (Barcelona)

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