Sun Salutations

 Image via  Tate Not Modern

Image via Tate Not Modern

Yesterday morning, I tried something new. I rolled out of bed, laid out my yoga mat and got into child’s pose. I didn’t brush my teeth or wash my face or change into my gym clothes. I just opened my eyes and started my yoga practice.

I, like many, have tried a fair amount of AM exercising: 6am yoga classes (I find they make me feel accomplished but super sleepy for the whole day), early morning gym sessions (I always end up rushing, either at the gym or on the way to work), sunrise running groups (never made it to this, just thought about it and hit snooze). So in the morning, when my body was feeling tight and my mind was worrying I may not have time to workout in the evening, I decided I could simply start my practice first thing — no classes, no gyms, no excuses. And you know what? It was awesome. Being sleepy meant that I didn’t have to spend half of my practice pushing thoughts of work/life/relationships out of my head (seriously, I was more present than ever). And being home meant that I had plenty of time to shower/make lunch/get dressed before work. Plus, it’s helping me get back to my morning meditations (which dropped off my schedule a while back). I doubt I’ll do it every morning and it’s certainly nowhere near as thorough or challenging as a proper class/gym session but, it’s a healthy, grounding start to the day and sometimes, on a Monday morning, that’s all you need. 

Here’s to just freakin’ doing it!




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  1. I recently had the same experience! I woke up and the first thing on my mind was yoga, after being out of my practice for well over a year. It was the perfect start to my day and was definitely needed mentally and physically. Glad we both had an awesome experience, lets keep it up!

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