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This week, on a humid Wednesday evening, we headed into the city for an evening of rose and conversation at Everlane’s pop up shop in SoHo. The event, invited women (and men) to join OkReal’s founder, Amy Woodside, to interview Caroline Venture, the woman behind Brvtvs and the newly opened West Village design store, Calliope.

After the event, we sat outside on a stoop on Wooster Street sipping wine and buzzing about our experience. Amy’s questions were wonderfully incisive and Caroline’s answers were honest and inspiring but what invigorated us most was the crowd of creative, cool women who stood shoulder to shoulder with us throughout the evening. The entire experience reaffirmed our belief that when women come together, magic ensues.

Something that’s brought up time and time again when psychologists and sociologists are speaking about the differences between men and women is that in work and in life, women will use ‘we’ where men will use ‘I’. And while we understand how important it is to encourage women to own their success, we’re also beginning to realize the greatness of women and the ‘we’.  Women are deeply invested in helping one and other. Our instinct to be collaborators instead of dictators mean that when we get together, instead of being competitors, we can offer ourselves to one and other as fountains of wisdom, support systems and social networks. This, we’ve decided, is freakin’ awesome.

We love the digital world and we know it’s way more convenient to soak up the wisdom of women online, but no matter how many beautiful blogs we visit or inspiring interviews we read, there nothing’s quite like going straight to the source. Not only is there the an opportunity to get to know like-minded, kick ass women who are  hungry to learn, create, share and grow. There’s a chance for each one of use to get out of our comfort zone and become a part of the team.

This June, there are some wonderful events taking place that are all about meeting, learning and supporting ladies. Our friends at Local Creative open the doors to their Local Loft next week, CherryBombe editorial director, Claudia Wu, is interviewing best-selling author, Emma Straub at Greenlight Bookstore and The WW Club is launching their Making It Work Tour in LA (this are just the events we discovered this week!). We highly encourage to find a happening that excites and inspires you this Summer and to take the leap and go. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences!

Here’s to a beautiful week!



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