Lesson I’m Always Learning : Kai Avent-deLeon


Since opening the store I am constantly reminded to stay true to oneself. I’ve never really been as in involved in the fashion industry as I am now and I guess you could say that’s always been my intention. There are a lot of cliche things you encounter when working in this field so I always embrace what my vision/goal is for my brand in order to remain sane and humble. It was a challenge putting myself out there as I am so used to being on the back end of things with my experience as an operations manager. I’ve learned that I have to embrace what my story conveys. I’ve encountered a lot of other young women who are inspired by my story and even experienced some people who are a good reminder that not everyone has the same intentions. The road to success through remaining genuine is always a little longer and bumpier than that of the complete opposite. 

I’ve wanted this store and this platform for as long as I can remember. The vision is there as is the audience, so I have to figure out new ways to constantly reconnect to that demographic (while remaining true). There is a lot of trial and error-but through that it becomes easier to navigate through what can be an intimidating world to some. Being very naive early on I encountered moments where people wanted to benefit from what Sincerely, Tommy is (saying yes to almost anything and anyone). The best lesson I’ve learned is that it’s ok to say no.

Kai is the owner of the impossibly cool store Sincerely, Tommy, a Brooklyn based concept store focusing on emerging womenswear and lifestyle brands from the newest talents in fashion and art, mixing the best local brands with exciting products from around the world. Customers will find exclusive pieces of impeccable quality and long-term appeal within this inspired environment. The space also contains a coffee counter serving local fair trade coffee from Irving Farms and Balthazar pastries.

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