It’s officially unofficially summer!


Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone and with it, the unofficial start of Summer. This season, with its warm weather and long weekends is perfect for starting new endeavors and exciting adventures. We’ve dreamed up a few Summer projects to keep your minds growing, your gardens blooming and your bodies healthy. Here’s to a beautiful start to a beautiful week!

Grow a garden

We’re feeling super inspired by Reading My Tea Leaves’ DIY Windowsill Herb Garden. It’s perfect for those of us living in the city, and anyone who isn’t quite ready for the hard work and green thumbs required for a more elaborate garden. 

Take a class

This Summer, Christina’s delving into the healing properties of crystals (post coming soon guys) while Chelsey is getting prepped for the 2016 elections with an online course in American Politics. Find a few incredible college level courses here.

Embark on an adventure

Weekends like these are perfect for discovering your surroundings. If you’re based in New York, And North, is your new weekend getaway bible. We love exploring their guides to the tiny, charming towns north of Manhattan. 

Join a CSA

For the last two years, Chelsey and Michael have signed up for the East Williamsburg CSA. All of the produce comes from the nearby farm, Hearty Roots. Every Saturday from June to October, Chelsey and Michael start the day with a walk to Red Shed Community Garden to pick up fresh produce, organic milk and humane eggs. It’s a great way to encourage more home cooking and to get you out of your cooking comfort zone! If you’re having trouble finding a CSA near you, why not try Good Eggs? It’s an online Farmer’s Market that delivers local, organic groceries!



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