A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  In Style

Image via In Style

HUGE congratulations to Ivy Mix this week! Her bar, Layenda, has officially opened on Smith Street in Brooklyn and The New York Times is all about her Tequila and Tonic! See the Spring cocktail Ivy made for us here and check out Leyenda for Memorial Day Weekend celebrations! 

Maggie Gyllenhaal is fighting for more female imperfection in film. And less crazy ageism!

Judy Blume knows all our secrets. Get to know some of hers in this lovely New York Times profile

Comedian, Mark Maron, had the incredible opportunity of interviewing Fresh Air’s, Terry Gross, live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. You can hear the whole interview here — it’s pretty magical. 

A beautiful book.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!

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