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The lesson I’m always learning…this is a tougher question than you’d think because of course I’m learning lessons everyday, but I guess the one that seems to be a thematic, recurring one is to slow down. Ironic seeing as this project, Waiting For Saturday, is all about finding balance. Somehow more work DOES seem to balance me, especially because the work we do for WFS is a true passion project.

So maybe when I tell myself to slow down, I don’t mean it in the “do less” sense, I mean being more present, not looking at the clock every 15 minutes, taking a step back and lending uninterrupted focus to a task. It’s so hard, takes so much discipline — but the people I admire most, the work I really aspire to create, is precisely that: calm and confident. I haven’t gotten there yet. 


The lesson I’m always learning… is to trust my intuition. For me that means trusting I have access to a way of knowing something that doesn’t always have to be rooted in reason. You know those moments when later down the road you discover that you actually had the right idea from the very beginning? I do…and I’m beginning to understand that a large portion of my creativity and inspiration seems to come from a place of knowing that’s closer to my bones rather then somewhere in my head. This is my lesson, and takes both learning and an unlearning at the same time (easier said than done, so I’ll keep practicing). 

Olivia Villanti and Nicole Benuska are the founders of Waiting for Saturday, a website dedicated to off duty style. Olivia and Nicole meet with awesome and inspiring women when they’re OOO and get to know them through their weekend rituals. It’s one of our favorite blogs to peruse on a lazy Saturday morning (or any day of the week!). 

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