The bond between women is sort of magical. There’s a connection unlike any other we’ve ever encountered. Meeting a woman who just gets you is akin to finding the love of your life. In that way, the two of us are incredibly lucky; we made great friends in college (including one and other) and we’ve continued to stay close to them. We’re also blessed with some extra special childhood friends (you know the ones: they’ve seen you fight with your mom, buy your first bra, cry on the bus to school and get drunk for the first time). As we get a little older and life gets increasingly busy, we’re recognizing just how important it is to dedicate time to our friendships. Time with a good friend is an invaluable part of life and to let it slide because we’re feeling overwhelmed by our work/family/partner is to do ourselves a great disservice. A good friend offers love, empathy, support, laughter, wisdom and much needed perspective. And, according to Stanford University, it is actually good for your health! Many of our closest friends have been by our side for a long time. They know our family dynamics,  our relationship habits, and our personal issues intimately. As a result, they call us on our shit, lend a loving ear, and supply wine and chocolate as needed. What we’re saying is, if you celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day, your dad on Father’s Day and your partner on your anniversary, then you should most definitely celebrate the lady who stands by you on a day to day basis. This afternoon, call your best friend and tell her you love her. Then, set a date for the two of you to celebrate the wild and wonderful day the Universe threw you together! & in the best friend spirit, check out New York Magazine’s Friends Forever Week!

We hope your week is off to a beautiful start!



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