A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Jessica Hanson

Image via Jessica Hanson

An awesome article that looks at Hillary Clinton’s depiction in the media. Favorite quotes include: “Maybe 2014 doesn’t have to be the year of the strong female politician. Maybe it can just be the year of the strong female politician who doesn’t give a fuck if you think she’s pretty.”

Mimi O’Donnell, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s widow, shares her beautiful recovery process with The New York Times.  

A HUGE congratulations to, Ivy Mix, for opening her own bar! She partnered with her mentor, July Reiner of Clover Club, to open Leyenda, a Latin-inspired cocktail spot in Carrol Gardens. Head on over for Memorial Day weekend drinks when they open next weekend! Also, see Ivy chat with us about bartending, the art of the cocktail and what it’s like to be a lady behind the bar. Why not kick off the weekend with her Spring cocktail, La Primavera!

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful magazine.

A beautiful woman.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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