Lesson I’m Always Learning: Joanna L. Williams


“Think big picture.  If something doesn’t work out, there’s usually a reason why.  The reason may not be so obvious at the moment, but it’s important to think about the big picture.  Stay focused, put one foot in front of the other, and continue to move forward.”

Through Joanna L. Williams’s travels both professional and personal, she became enraptured by culture and beauty in all its forms, collecting every item that spoke to her — clothing and accessories, objects and ephemera. In 2010, her discoveries led her to start Kneeland Co, a visual resource to provide design inspiration for product development in the interiors, fashion, and beauty industries, Kneeland Co. is a Los Angeles-based design and consulting studio that revolves around creativity, travel, style and historyThe concept — like Joanna herself — embodies creativity, spirit, and endless design possibilities.

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