Lesson I’m Always Learning | Rawan Rihani of Aurora Botanicals


As Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham say, “Go your own way!”

Don’t compare yourself to others because everyone’s experience is unique and totally different and there are different roads and paths for everyone. It’s ok to have muses/people to look up to and role models for inspiration, but it’s also important not to compare yourself to others. You are unique and everyone has there own time, their own unique experience, unique beliefs, unique mantras. And your individuality is important. To be original and authentic means you’ll have authentic relationships with your work and the people around you. 

Also, do your best work, no matter what it is! 

Also, surround yourself with authentic and positive people. 🙂 

Rawan is an artist, designer and the founder of the dreamy floral design company Aurora Botanica. She makes a flower crown like no other, teaches incredible workshops and she is the floral guru for Stone Fox Bride.

(P.S. See our interview with Stone Fox Bride founder, Molly Guy, here!)

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