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I found myself in awe of Mexico City’s bright colors, cosmopolitan vibe and rich culture. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things to see, eat and do in this city! 

We started our mornings with cappuccino and croissants at Panaderia Rosetta. It’s a charming little (read tiny) spot with flowers painted on the wall and a bustling bakery in the background. It’s tucked away on a tree lined street in La Roma where trendy, young types linger outside with puppies and pastry.

For me, the best spot in the city is a toss up between the Frida Kahlo Museum and the Mercado Jamaica. Frida’s museum is actually inside her childhood home, La Casa Azul. It is a world of color and history, story and creativity. Her light-filled studio, dotted with paint splatters and hanging mirrors feels deeply inspiring. 

The Mercado Jamaica is one of Mexico City’s largest markets. There’s food (an amazing array of produce and sweet candies) and even toys and furniture, but what we came for were the flowers. Upon entering the covered market, you are enveloped in the most beautiful perfume of tuberoses, lilies and eucalyptus. Tea roses are packed neatly into bundles. Gladiola’s lay on top of one and other in color-coded coordination. Daffodils and iris’ and tulips fight for your eyes’ attention. It’s sort of the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen. 

The San Angel Inn is a former Carmelite Monastary located across the street from the Diego Rivera Studio Museum. This historic building has been turned into a fancy restaurant with a stunning courtyard. Skip the stuffy meal in favor of one (or two) of their world-famous margaritas. 

One of my favorite experiences in Mexico City was the Mexican lunch. This starts as early as 2:30 and as late as 4pm. You eat slowly, starting with appetizers and finishing with aperitifs and traditional coffee cocktails. For our first lunch, we ventured into the stunning Rosetta. A sky light hangs above the small center room as ferns and vines creep up the wall. The food is magnificent. I’m still dreaming about the bread (it comes from the restaurant’s bakery, Panderia Rosetta, mentioned above). We sat down at 2:30pm and left at 7:30pm feeling triumphant, deliciously full and just a little tipsy. 

A few tips and things to keep in mind:

Uber is your best friend in this city. Many phone companies allow for unlimited data and texting in Mexico and Canada and if you’re lucky enough to have that situation, you’re best picking up Ubers everywhere you go. It’s safer than most taxis and far cheaper. (My 45 minute drive from the airport cost me $7). 

The National Museum of Anthropology is amazing — I didn’t get to go but everyone I know raves about it.

The Pryamids are well worth a visit. It is a lofty trip though — a solid hour/hour and a half outside of the city but very interesting and there are lots of tour guides available to educate you on the history of the area.

It’s a HUGE city. I did so much and saw so much and I barely scratched the surface. Make sure you take your time, enjoy yourself and sip lots of Mezcal!



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