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It began with the Jacaranda trees. The moment I started my descent into Mexico City, I spotted them, great tufts of purple popping out between buildings and houses and fields.  As we inched closer and closer to landing, the whole city came alive in front of me: hot pink cabs darting down highways,flowering trees reaching up towards the sun, hulking green mountains surrounding the houses and buildings.

I was in Mexico City for four day and though I tried to eat, drink and see as much of it as I could, I know I failed. It is a sprawling city and my time and my legs were simply not long enough to take me everywhere I wanted to go. What I was left with (besides a hunger for more and the knowledge of how to properly drink a shot of tequila) were the colors. Mexico City is lush. The streets are canopied in heavy-leafed trees that are the deepest and darkest shades of green. The highways are lined with shrubs that sprout flaming red flowers. The houses are painted orange and yellow and pink and blue. Each destination, whether it’s Frida Kahlo’s childhood home or the local flower market, is a rich, new palette to explore.

We all talk so much of minimalism; clean lines, sleek silver gadgets and a wardrobe of interchangeable neutrals, but I’m beginning to think we’re missing out on something.Something that is about being wild and free,artistic and creative, stimulated and exhilarated. 

When we’re little, we are all about color — we have a favorite and we change it weekly, we paint with it and draw with it and mismatch it as we’re getting dressed in the morning. Even our classrooms are covered in orange and purple and green wallpaper (unlike those beige and grey offices so many of us find ourselves in). So why do we insist on giving up color as we grow up? Why do we associate muted tones with responsibility and security? And how can we free ourselves from this black and white way of thinking?

Fortunately for all of us, it is (finally) Spring and the farmer’s markets and botanical gardens are just waking up from their Winter hiatus. You may not find yourself in the rainbow that is Mexico City, but you’ll surely discover a wealth of deep reds, dusky pinks and mossy greens sprouting up around you. Take some time to marvel at these colors, then ask yourself which ones call to you and bring those colors into your world. It may start with something as simple as a bowl of shiny, yellow lemons on the dining room table, but before you know it, you’ll have a Mexico City of your very own.


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