until you have lived


When Chelsey was in college, she met with a French woman named, Francois, once a week to practice her conversational skills. Once, during these laborious but pleasant conversations, Chelsey referred to herself as “une femme”. Francois stopped her mid-sentence and said, “My dear you are ‘une fille’. You do not get to be ‘une femme’ until you have lived.” 

The fact of the matter is, Girl Gift Gather, as a company, is still “une fille” (as our we, its founders). We are young and learning and trying and growing. We are gaining experiences slowly but surely on this new, fruitful (and sometimes shaky) ground upon which we stand. 

The women who can call themselves “une femme” inspire us daily.  They are confident, experienced, sagacious and fearless. They know the depths of what it means to care for and nurture others. They have worked, loved, laughed and created. They have lived. And they keep us working hard so that one day we may call ourselves ‘une femme’ too.


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