Breakfast + Bed


Last weekend, Michael and I took a road trip north for a little break from the big city. Though we had big plans for snowy walks and small town explorations, we ended up feeling a under the weather and instead of adventuring, we used our time to rest up and relax. We checked into The Spruceton Inn for the night, picked up few books and magazines from their library and cozied up for an evening of drinking tea and reading articles. With it’s bright, minimal rooms, The Spruceton Inn was a breath of fresh air from all the clutter and chaos of our New York lives. Plus, we had the best night sleep ever (those mattresses!). The next morning, after a long lie in, we checked out and headed to the Phoenicia Diner for bottomless coffee, local organic eggs and homemade waffles. Michael and I are naturally very adventurous travelers but after this long, hard Winter I think we were in desperate need of some simple, quiet time away from it all.

The Spruceton Inn is run by Casey Scieszka, a super-cool Brooklyn girl who moved upstate with her husband last year. The inn is a welcome change of pace from the usual antiquey B&B style accommodations on the Hudson. Casey has kept it modern, natural and cozy, filling the lobby/bar with must read magazines and books as well as local brews and whiskeys. In the morning, there’s freshly brewed coffee and complimentary PopTarts. We can’t wait to go back this Summer when we can roast marshmallows in the fire pits, fire up the barbecue and go swimming in the creek!




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