Beyond the Roles


Here at Girl Gift Gather, we believe pursuing a creative life is the key to long term, genuine happiness; we’re constantly reading books on it, meeting with women to discuss it and crafting tools to achieve it. Lately, we’ve been asking ourselves about the roles we live in and how/if they support our creative selves.

We all know the ways that our society defines success: beauty, career, money, marriage, parenthood, etc. Each one of these values is important in it’s own way. But we’re beginning to wonder what lays beyond them. Who are we when we’re not the roles we play? It’s a big question with an even more complicated answer. Most of us play more than one role at a time (partner-parent-worker for example) and those roles keep us very, very busy. And therein lies a problem. When we’re so consumed with fulfilling society’s prescribed roles, we often cease honoring our creativity and, in turn, our individuality. Do these roles actually address the deeply unique traits of each individual? Shouldn’t we have a little more consideration for the subtle nuances that present themselves in each and every one of us?

If we forego our creative selves in order to be a good partner/parent/employee, are we foregoing more than just a painting class or a singing lesson? Are we in some ways, denying our soul and our selves vital nourishment? We believe so. Life is always changing and happiness is a moving target. We can’t expect any one thing (especially something society has defined) to be solely responsible for fulfilling us. We must be active participants in finding our joy. For us, this means staying connected to our creativity. When we look around at the women (and men) who inspire us most, we find individuals who are deeply connected to their creative selves and are willing to invest in their interests. They don’t ask the world what they’re supposed to do, they ask themselves what they want to do. As a result, they shape our society and bring us into the future.

It is, by and large, a scarier, more challenging, more vulnerable life because it asks us to live outside of what’s known and expected. But, it is the life that we are hoping for.

Happy Monday! 


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