more, more, more!


This week, inspired by our reading of The Artist’s Way, we’re making a list of our daily expenses. This exercise is aimed at exposing the way we spend (and don’t spend) our money. Are we always hailing cabs but never investing in that Italian class we’ve been dreaming of? Are we guilty of purchasing expensive coffees but never taking our loved one (our ourselves) out for a nice meal? How do we indulge? How do we restrict ourselves? And most importantly, why?

We’re beginning to realize that though we’re perfectly capable of making a dreamy wishlist on Pinterest, we’re not so good at allowing ourselves to have the things we really want. And this self-limiting goes beyond the scope of money. Our dreams for our business, our homes, our family life, even the way we allocate our time, all at the mercy of our self-inflicted limits.

This week, we’re reconsidering the idea that in order to serve yourself, you have to starve yourself. What if we’re worthy of our dreams? What if our world could be just as beautiful and inspiring and rich as we imagine it could be? What if, we’re the ones who decide?

Well, if that’s the case, then we say more, more, more!

With Spring just around the corner, we’re dreaming big and setting ourselves free. We hope you’ll do the same. Take this week to ask yourself, if I could have anything, what would I want? And then, do something crazy, let yourself have it!

Happy first week of March! 


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