A Beautiful Weekend

 Image Via  They All Hate Us

Image Via They All Hate Us

All you need is love this weekend. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or avoiding it like the plague, we hope you’ll have a beautiful weekend! 

The editor of the Modern Love column at the New York Times considers how we talk about love.  And Lilli Sherman at Bon Appetit meets with some of the country’s finest chefs to uncover the dishes they made to win over their significant others (recipes included in case you’re wooing someone tomorrow night!). 

Plus, Into The Gloss looks at the Guilty Pleasures that we may well be indulging in this weekend!

A beautiful book.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful woman

Lesson I’m Always Learning | Latham Thomas


The lesson I stay in awe of is surrender and embrace of the darkness. You know…the soul and the soil mirror each other. What’s beneath the surface and intricate in composition. Dwelling in the darkness and giving rise to the light. I come from a lineage of people who trusted the soil like they trust God, a people who could grow anything. My grandfather taught me how to grow my first plant in a little plastic cup and told me that faith is what makes it grow. And we know all things grow in the dark- visions, dreams, babies, plants, star system, galaxies…everything grows in the darkness of yin, that power of Shakti reigning in eternal dance with Shiva. That is my constant lesson- trust the deep divine darkness. So I keep myself engaged in a spiritual life that allows me to explore the recessed and hidden dimensions of life’s miracles through birth and other sacred pathways of power.



Latham Thomas is a maternity lifestyle maven, wellness & birth coach, and yogi on the vanguard of transforming the maternal wellness movement. A graduate of Columbia University & The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Latham is the founder of Mama Glow– a holistic lifestyle hub for women to explore their creative edge through wellbeing. Her practice provides support to pre/postnatal women along their journey to motherhood offering culinary and nutritional services, yoga, and birth coaching services.

Dirty Little Habits

 Image via  this is the life i have chosen 

Image via this is the life i have chosen 

I’m taking a short hiatus from social media this week (except when it pertains to actual work). This act is inspired by our work with The Artist’s Way but it seems to be particularly relevant with NPR’s Bored and Brilliant Challenge taking place this month. There are some great stories on technology and how it affects on us here if you’d like to delve deeper into it. 

For my part, I’m really enjoying not checking social media. I haven’t missed it, so much as I’ve noticed the role it plays in my day to day. I find that when there’s a lull in my work day, I instinctually reach for my phone to scroll through Instagram. And, when I have a few minutes to kill (waiting for the elevator or for the kettle to boil), there’s a void where Instagram/Facebook/Twitter used to be. That ‘dead time’, when I’m just waiting around, a couple minutes here and there, small pauses peppered throughout my day, I always fill it with a distraction. I’m not sure why I feel such a strong desire to fill every single second of my time. Wouldn’t a breath of fresh air from screens and technology be a welcome change of pace when you’ve been sitting at a computer all day? You’d certainly think so. But, I suppose it’s reflective of my need to be entertained throughout the day and my desire to be in control. (And you know, just a dirty little habit.) Well, this week, I’m observing more, staying present and pushing through my procrastination…

Happy Tuesday!



P.S. Let us know if you try the Bored and Brilliant challenge and how you like it! 

Our Doors Are Always Open

 IMAGE VIA  Aurora Botanical

IMAGE VIA  Aurora Botanical

Next week, the lovely ladies of Local Creative will be hosting a Flower Arranging Workshop with Aurora Botanical at the Girl Gift Gather Studio. We met Jenna + Nicole (the founders of Local Creative) last Summer after stumbling across their postcard at a coffee shop in Greenpoint. Upon further research, we discovered their ‘curated lifestyle project’ was the stuff Girl Gift Gather dreams are made of! Florist and founder of Aurora Botanical, Rawana Rihani, has been an inspiration ever since we came across her dreamy floral arrangements, wall hangings, flower crowns and garlands. She’s an /florist/designer/stone fox and we can’t get enough of her creations.

As you can imagine, we’re psyched to have these incredibly talented women working in our studio! Part of our mission at Girl Gift Gather is to offer a space for women to congregate, collaborate and create. We love hosting events ourselves, but we’re also excited to join forces with local makers and creators. In this last year, we’ve had the opportunity to invite all sorts of interesting and extraordinary women over for tea at our studio. Sometimes we make partnerships, sometimes we simply make friends. Either way, we’re always extending ourselves and inviting others in. For us, it’s all about the bigger picture: a community of women who support and share one and other. If you like the look of Local Creative’s beautiful (and knowing them, it will surely be beautiful) event, then we encourage you to buy a ticket. And, if you’re interested in hosting an event, starting a discussion, creating, collaborating or just hanging out and drinking tea — reach out to us. Our doors are always open!



A beautiful weekend

 Image via savagenotes

Image via savagenotes

Reveling in the weekend and that February Friday Feeling! 

We’ll be hanging with The Women of Saturday Night Live this weekend.

And speaking of women in comedy, The New York Times is bar hopping with Whitney Cummings and getting to know rising star Greta Lee.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful book.

A beautiful woman.

Have a beautiful weekend!

P.S. Excited much? Counting down the days till 2.13!

The Longest Shortest Month


Last year my Husband set us a google reminder to go off in the beginning of February the read; “Don’t worry, we ALWAYS feel this way. It’s f-ing February” 

It’s true. This month can make us feel like winter is never ending. The hustle of the holidays and motivation of of our New Years resolutions start to wane, and we are forced to hunker down and face the remainder of winter head on.

For the past few years, me, Chelsey and two of our close girlfriends have indulged in a short sunny and beautiful Freehand Miami getaway during this time of year. (JetBlue always has the best deals!) It served as a respite from the harsh, long, tan-less days of Winter. But this year traveling is not on the agenda. I have my beautiful little 7 month old boy scooting and army crawling all over our tiny apartment and it will be awhile before I will want to venture sans baby boy with girlfriends out of town.

Instead, I am taking Winter up on it’s many gifts. Netflix Gilmore Girl Binge watching? Yes please. Hot Chocolate for every occasion? Sure! The warmth of friends, family and favorite blankets? Magical! Winter is begging us to just be. To stay warm, and enjoy the stillness for a while. It’s not often we get permission to do such things. 

Right now I can hear the wind howling outside my windows. It’s cold outside. But I have my cup of tea, and my beautiful Son and I am thankful for this f-ing February. 

Answer The Call



These days, everything is googleable. Every question can be answered. Every product can be found.  But, every now and then we find ourselves in need of something that simply doesn’t exist.

This is the call–it’s time to create.

Recently, Chelsey found herself in this exact situation. All her life, she sought wisdom and strength from books: memoirs, fiction, personal essays.  She looked to stories to untangle her most confusing and bewildering experiences. But just this week, she was at a loss: no author had written about her exact ordeal, no book was there to guide her. So, she started writing.

Girl Gift Gather was born this same way. For the longest time, we craved a space for women to inspire, share, create, build community, speak honestly and grow. We talked and talked over tea, and we dreamed up all those things that we wished existed. Finally, we realized that it was up to us to create what we wanted. This little epiphany brought us relief. Not only did it recognize our desires as valid, but it put us in the driver’s seat.

As we pursue our creative lives, separately and together, we’re finding that sometimes creativity is simply listening and acknowledging your own needs. You want a beautiful space to paint? Make one. You want a TV show that represents your community? Write one. You want a store that sells local, handmade goods? Open one. If something inside of you is calling out with a need, then listen to it, honor it and let it guide you. Who knows how many people are longing for the exact same thing.

And remember, your creative sparks don’t have to be lofty. You don’t need to start a business, design an app or found a not-for-profit. You can start small. If you dream of having a coffee shop nearby where you can indulge in a well made cappuccino, then start by buying yourself an espresso maker, some beautiful mugs and a bag of quality beans. Invite your friends over for morning coffees once a week. If you find yourself satisfied, then you’ve already succeeded! And if you’re still hankering for that coffee store, well, that’s where the fun and the hard work begins. 🙂