Happy Valentines Day!


Ah, Valentine’s Day. One of the more controversial (commercial?) Holidays. Do you love? Do you hate? Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day instead? Whatever you do and however you feel about February 14th, try to remember this: Today is an opportunity to love enthusiastically! And love is not limited to boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives. Love is champagne with your best friend, handmade cards with your son or daughter, homemade brownies for your mother or father, a box of red M&M’s for your nieces and nephews. It’s a cuddle pile with your puppy, a box of cookies for your office and a phone call with your grandma. This silly, wonderful, ridiculous holiday is an opportunity for you to be grateful for the love that surrounds you. So be grateful and be grateful shamelessly!

If you happen to be celebrating solo this year, then celebrate the crap out of yourself! You deserve champagne and flowers and fancy chocolates and bubble baths — you can give yourself all of those things and you should! Decorate your apartment with roses and heart-shaped candies, write yourself a love note (“You look beautiful today and you’re doing a spectacular job at life”), put on your ruby red lipstick and spread the L-O-V-E!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s weekend!



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