Dirty Little Habits

 Image via  this is the life i have chosen 

Image via this is the life i have chosen 

I’m taking a short hiatus from social media this week (except when it pertains to actual work). This act is inspired by our work with The Artist’s Way but it seems to be particularly relevant with NPR’s Bored and Brilliant Challenge taking place this month. There are some great stories on technology and how it affects on us here if you’d like to delve deeper into it. 

For my part, I’m really enjoying not checking social media. I haven’t missed it, so much as I’ve noticed the role it plays in my day to day. I find that when there’s a lull in my work day, I instinctually reach for my phone to scroll through Instagram. And, when I have a few minutes to kill (waiting for the elevator or for the kettle to boil), there’s a void where Instagram/Facebook/Twitter used to be. That ‘dead time’, when I’m just waiting around, a couple minutes here and there, small pauses peppered throughout my day, I always fill it with a distraction. I’m not sure why I feel such a strong desire to fill every single second of my time. Wouldn’t a breath of fresh air from screens and technology be a welcome change of pace when you’ve been sitting at a computer all day? You’d certainly think so. But, I suppose it’s reflective of my need to be entertained throughout the day and my desire to be in control. (And you know, just a dirty little habit.) Well, this week, I’m observing more, staying present and pushing through my procrastination…

Happy Tuesday!



P.S. Let us know if you try the Bored and Brilliant challenge and how you like it! 

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