The Longest Shortest Month


Last year my Husband set us a google reminder to go off in the beginning of February the read; “Don’t worry, we ALWAYS feel this way. It’s f-ing February” 

It’s true. This month can make us feel like winter is never ending. The hustle of the holidays and motivation of of our New Years resolutions start to wane, and we are forced to hunker down and face the remainder of winter head on.

For the past few years, me, Chelsey and two of our close girlfriends have indulged in a short sunny and beautiful Freehand Miami getaway during this time of year. (JetBlue always has the best deals!) It served as a respite from the harsh, long, tan-less days of Winter. But this year traveling is not on the agenda. I have my beautiful little 7 month old boy scooting and army crawling all over our tiny apartment and it will be awhile before I will want to venture sans baby boy with girlfriends out of town.

Instead, I am taking Winter up on it’s many gifts. Netflix Gilmore Girl Binge watching? Yes please. Hot Chocolate for every occasion? Sure! The warmth of friends, family and favorite blankets? Magical! Winter is begging us to just be. To stay warm, and enjoy the stillness for a while. It’s not often we get permission to do such things. 

Right now I can hear the wind howling outside my windows. It’s cold outside. But I have my cup of tea, and my beautiful Son and I am thankful for this f-ing February. 

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