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These days, everything is googleable. Every question can be answered. Every product can be found.  But, every now and then we find ourselves in need of something that simply doesn’t exist.

This is the call–it’s time to create.

Recently, Chelsey found herself in this exact situation. All her life, she sought wisdom and strength from books: memoirs, fiction, personal essays.  She looked to stories to untangle her most confusing and bewildering experiences. But just this week, she was at a loss: no author had written about her exact ordeal, no book was there to guide her. So, she started writing.

Girl Gift Gather was born this same way. For the longest time, we craved a space for women to inspire, share, create, build community, speak honestly and grow. We talked and talked over tea, and we dreamed up all those things that we wished existed. Finally, we realized that it was up to us to create what we wanted. This little epiphany brought us relief. Not only did it recognize our desires as valid, but it put us in the driver’s seat.

As we pursue our creative lives, separately and together, we’re finding that sometimes creativity is simply listening and acknowledging your own needs. You want a beautiful space to paint? Make one. You want a TV show that represents your community? Write one. You want a store that sells local, handmade goods? Open one. If something inside of you is calling out with a need, then listen to it, honor it and let it guide you. Who knows how many people are longing for the exact same thing.

And remember, your creative sparks don’t have to be lofty. You don’t need to start a business, design an app or found a not-for-profit. You can start small. If you dream of having a coffee shop nearby where you can indulge in a well made cappuccino, then start by buying yourself an espresso maker, some beautiful mugs and a bag of quality beans. Invite your friends over for morning coffees once a week. If you find yourself satisfied, then you’ve already succeeded! And if you’re still hankering for that coffee store, well, that’s where the fun and the hard work begins. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Answer The Call

  1. What a beautiful post and it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I’m excited about reading all your other posts too (I’ve just stumbled on this website) 🙂 Viv x

    1. Viv,

      So lovely to hear from you! Thank you so much for your kind words. We’re thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying our site! Lots of love! C+C

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