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As some of you may know, every month, for the past two years now, I have hosted New Moon Ceremonies at the studio. We drink wine, eat chocolate, meditate on the symbolism of the month’s sign and then, we set intentions. This past New Moon, Dora Marin’s intention brought the whole circle to tears. It was so beautiful that I asked her if I could share it here, luckily for all of us, she said yes! 



“New Moon in Aquarius Intention:

When I feel I’m lacking where do I go? 
Who do I turn to and what do I ask for?
Asking myself for those small things.
Always remembering myself and those things that bring me blissful joy.

Where is it that I’m being generous and not?
Where is it that I can be more generous.
What is it that I can give to myself instead of asking of others?
Where does expectation of others stop and fulfillment of myself begin?

Taking the time to enjoy my journey every step of the way and remembering that growth comes from being in the moments that are most challenging; 
from painful detachment to the things I depend on for security, which are the things that limit me the most. 

I trust myself.

Dora Marin is an artist and the co-founder of The Pow-Wow — physical space where creatives of all backgrounds can come together, collaborate, work, perform, support each other, generate solutions, and elevate together. Opening in the summer of 2015. @thepowwow

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