Snow Day!

 Image via  L  a Cool et Chic

Image via L a Cool et Chic

Happy Snow Day East Coast! 

As I type, there are snow flurries outside my window and bacon sizzling on my stove. Snow day is a gift from the world! It conjures memories of sleepy school mornings and snowball fights in the yard. It’s designed for chocolate chip cookie baking and day-long pajama wearing!

But…if your job is anything like mine, then being stuck at home doesn’t really prohibit productivity. There’s work to be done and a laptop with a strong WiFi connection to facilitate it. It’s just, there’s something in the air over here in Brooklyn. A sense of excitement from all those 9-5ers who are so rarely home on a Tuesday afternoon. It makes me want to unplug my computer, switch of my phone and go out and play. But the work! And the emails! And the things that are on the to-do list!

Here’s the thing though, maybe a Snow Day is a actually just a day to say, “screw it!”. It’s a day to let your inner-kid take charge. The work will be there tomorrow. The snow won’t. Maybe the best thing you can do for yourself today is to snuggle up in your comfy, coziest wears (see above for our outfit inspiration) and cuddle with your love and eat pancakes for dinner and run outside to make snow angels. 

That’s what I’ll be doing. 



P.S. More thoughts on snow days here.


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