For a Rainy Day

 Image via  Seasonal Love

Image via Seasonal Love

Ever since the Holidays came to a close, the weather in NYC has altered between grey/rainy and bright/freezing. Winter is in in full swing and it seems there’s nothing but heavy coats and snow storms in site. When it’s cold and wet and you’re at a loss for what the hell you did for fun this time last year, look no further than this cozy corner. 

This is my favorite time of year to cook — something about the early evenings, hearty meals and glasses of red wine. Pick up a new cookbook and gather some friends around for a casual dinner party. The kind where no one dresses up and you throw it all together in an instant. Make a roast chicken or a bolognese, light candles and stay up late into the evening (after all, rainy Sundays are made for sleeping in). 

Alternatively, wake up early on a Sunday morning and bake a cake! Make it elaborate and indulgent, like this Funfetti Cake or this Chocolate Cake with Basil Buttercream. Then, eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Because, why the hell not!)

It’s awards season which gives you the perfect excuse to spend your weekend binge watching the year’s best films. You can see the nominated documentaries from the comfort of your couch. And Michael and I have a tradition of seeing the animated shorts at our local movie theater — it’s always a charming date.

Plus, Broad City Season 2 started this week and GIRLS Season 4 started last week. (And the entire series of Friends is on Netflix for those days when you yearn for your adolescents.)

Invite your friends over for a game of Scrabble. Challenge your roommates to an epic game of Risk. Or, simply make a cup of tea and play cards with the one you love — I’m a big fan of Cribbage and Spit . (Also, we got Settlers of Catan and played that this weekend and my mind has been blown!).

Decorate. If you’re going to be cooped up in your apartment for the next few months, you may as well like what you see. Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy are constant sources of inspiration for us. And also, this

Get creative! Put on a playlist and dance around in your underwear. Bake some breadSpend an afternoon at ceramics shop and paint some pottery. Learn to knitPull out your art supplies and water color. Make some jam. Whatever you do, enjoy these cozy, short, winter days. They are magical in their own way.



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