New Voices


Watching Girl Gift Gather bloom is one of our greatest joys. We love hearing from our community and connecting with the women who inspire and delight us. We’ve had the opportunity to feature incredible makers through our video series. And as our blog grows, we’re exploring new ways to showcase the writers, artists and creators who are exciting us. In the coming months, you’ll see some new voices on our site — women who have been generous enough to share their journeys, experiences, truths and their wisdoms with us, and now with you. We don’t ask our contributors to write on one topic or another, rather, we invite them to share the things that are inspiring, challenging and motivating them. We request that they remain honest and true to themselves because we’re not interested in homogeneity, we’re interested in the beautiful complexity that is inherent in being a woman. What we’re trying to create here is a home; a space where each member of our community can feel represented and cared for, a venue where talented, insightful women can share their work. We are so honored to offer these voices to you and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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