Your Creativity is Worth it

 Image via  Many Fires

Image via Many Fires

We chose to read The Artist’s Way for the first book club for a number of reasons: it’s inspiring, it’s written by a woman, it’s all about creativity and most importantly, it requires its readers to write Morning Pages — three pages of strictly stream of consciousness writing. You must do your Morning Pages before you do anything else and you are encouraged to write down anything and everything that comes to mind, even if it is just “blah blah blah” for three straight pages (which it will be some mornings). The point of this activity is that you show up. Every day. And with each day, you begin to listen. After a while, all of the nonsense taking up space in your consciousness gets released and you are left with the gold. It’s a bit like detoxing in that way. After you’ve rid your mind of those mundane, useless floating thoughts, the truth of who you are, what brings you joy and how you want to be in this world comes to light.

Self care is a commitment and Morning Pages are no exception. Some mornings we will be too busy, too tired, too hungry or too late to do our Morning Pages but we will do them anyway. We will show up for ourselves. We will push through the wall of resistance every time it arises (and it will, over and over). We will do what we know is good for us. Because it is worth it. And we are worth it.

If you are unable to join us at book club over the next few weeks, then maybe dust off your old journal and give the stream of consciousness writing a try. Take a moment before the hustle and bustle of your day begins and listen, be receptive, take time to clear out the clutter and discover what emerges.

“Boredom is just “What’s the use?” in disguise. And “What’s the use?” is fear, and fear means you are secretly in despair. So put your fears on the page. Put anything on the page. Put three pages of it on the page.”

— Julia Cameron

Have a beautiful week!


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