Nadolig Llawen*


Inspired by the age old tradition of mothers passing on advice to their daughters, we’ve invited our own mother’s, Barbara Justiz and Beverly Duckworth, to share their wisdom and wit with you on our blog every month. Today we share a post from Beverly… 

 Image via  Flickr

Image via Flickr

This time every year as I prepare for the holidays and time with friends and family, I find myself picking up a little too much momentum. I notice even my daily actions take on a quicker pace – I run my errands faster, I cancel coffee with friends, I skip yoga classes because I’m too busy. (Too busy to look after myself — never a good idea!!) My heart seems to beat a little faster as I worry about completing all the tasks I’ve set myself.  My head starts to race thinking about everything I need to get done in time. And then I stop. And I ask myself, “in time for what exactly?”.  Surely this is a time for quiet celebration. A time to reflect on the year gone by and have gratitude for the many good things we’ve accomplished and been blessed with. A time to practice being kinder and more mindful of others.  

I like to look for signs, especially when life gets a little crazy. And trust me when I say that it’s been MORE than crazy trying to organize the “Duckworth Family Christmas” this year. Two months ago, the whole plan fell together beautifully: 8 people traveling from Wales and 2 from New York to meet in Austin, Texas. But, that was then! In the past two weeks, everything has changed and the entire trip was up in the air until yesterday!
So this week, as I was driving around the Welsh countryside, trying to make everything come together and asking the Universe for help,  I looked to the side of the road and sitting in this one very green, lush field was an old beaten up caravan (bit like a British RV).  It was totally dilapidated and it had a big sign across the whole side that said “IT IS WHAT IT IS”. Oh, it made me smile! I immediately began to understand: that was my sign! It truly is going to be just what it is! What a relief. I’m not in charge! And with that,  I came back to the present…BEST GIFT EVER!

I hope wherever this festive season finds you, you give yourself this gift.

Merry Christmas (or Nadolig Llawen as we like to say in Wales)



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