Image via  This is Glamorous 

Image via This is Glamorous 

Each December, before we depart for our family gatherings, we partake in a little tradition — a Holidate. It sounds about as corny as it is, but that right there is the magic of it. Holidate knows no bounds and no judgements. It is ice skating in Central Park, whipped cream covered hot chocolates, Miracle on 34th Street screenings, spiked eggnog and The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center.

We can’t help but get nostalgic for our childhood around this time of year. Though this point in our lives is all sorts of exciting and exhilarating, it is sorely missing those good, old-fashioned Family Traditions. Holidate is a gift to our inner kid (who’d much rather spend the day eating candy canes and watching Home Alone than meeting deadlines and buying presents). By creating this little ritual, we begin to make a family of our own right here in New York City. We have spent Holidates decorating trees and lighting menorahs and throwing festive little get-togethers. We have built memories, year by year with our best friends and boyfriends and husbands. With each midnight walk through the newly fallen snow, we are, slowly but surely, putting down our roots right here in Brooklyn.

This Holiday season, before you board your plane, train or automobile to enjoy the marvelous madness that is going home, gather your friends, decide on a new tradition and indulge in a Holidate (and make it as clichéd and sentimental as possible!).  

Some of our favorite things:

Dyker Heights

Tea at the Plaza

Winter Solstice Concert

The Bergdorf Windows

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Girl Gift Gather!



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