Sunday Girl + Happy Winter Solstice!

 Art by Giovanni Martoglio via  Mystic Mama

Art by Giovanni Martoglio via Mystic Mama

Happy happy Winter Solstice!

I could really spend hours talking about how the holiday traditions that we take for granted are all rooted in deep astrological mysticism. But I will save that for another day. For now, all that is important is that you recognize the incredible opportunity you have to make intentions and resolutions for the next year. As many of you know, the new Moon every month allows us to plant intentions during the dark of the moon, watch them come to fruition during the illumination of the full moon, to then be incorporated into our lives during the waning period.

During the Winter Solstice that same cycle is at play. One year instead of one month, and with the Sun instead of the Moon. 

I want to encourage all of you, over the next week leading up to New Years to really think about this previous year. The lessons learned, the triumphs and failures. Get clear about what 2014 meant to you and how you would like to expand in 2015. Take some time, light a candle and write it all down.

I want to be rich, or lose weight or find my soulmate are surface desires. Go deeper into your “wants”. Wanting to be rich might mean you are craving more freedom in your life, to be appreciated for the work that you do or to expand your ability to help others. Wanting to lose weight points to the part of you that wants to be healthy, to relish in the joys of being physical or the need to love yourself and have your choices reflect that. Wanting to fall in love might mean you are ready to expand your level of intimacy with everyone in your life, being willing to be vulnerable or choosing love over judgement more regularly. 

Go past the easy, unconscious resolutions that we are used to hearing, and connect with the real soul calling it is pointing to. We all have the ability to make this the most beautiful year of our lives so far. I look forward to doing that with you! 

Next month, on the Aquarius New Moon we will share our resolutions and support each other as we move into 2015! In the meantime I am wishing you all a lovely beautiful holiday!

Lots of LOVE


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