A Beautiful Weekend


It’s the time of year for Holiday parties and office festivities! We’re heading to a few celebratory gatherings and get-togethers this weekend and we’re real excited to drink a few holiday cocktails, wear our most glittery shoes and dance to a tune or two!

 image via  How Sweet Eats

image via How Sweet Eats

There’s a lot of talk about what makes a woman successful in business and the word “likeable” has come to be a controversial one. Can a woman be liked and successful? Should that even matter? The Cut says YES! and that we should look to women like Jenna Lyons for inspiration and motivation. We inclined to agree that their must a be a way to be a boss but not a bitch…

A beautiful (and festive) blog.

A beautiful book.

A beautiful woman.

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P.P.S If you’re hosting the Holiday party this weekend, why not try this!

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