A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  The Merry Thought

Image via The Merry Thought

There are a few women in film that we simply can’t get enough of this week! 

Frances McDormand talked with Katie Couric this week about women and aging — she challenges and inspires our concepts of beauty and for that we celebrate her. During the converstaion, Couric mentions McDormand’s Times interview so we’d thought we’d share that with you too since her presence in the press is so rare and her thoughts are so compelling.

Wild, the film adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s incredible memoir comes out this week. If you haven’t read the book yet, we can’t reccomend it enough. The film has had incredible reviews thus far and New York Magazine profiled Strayed this week. One of our favorite quotes from the piece:

“…when you really tell the truth, you’re actually speaking a universal language. I really believe that…if you go into that deep truth, you aren’t talking about yourself. You’re talking about what it is to be a human.”

beautiful blog.

beautiful book.

beautiful woman.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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