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For me, Thanksgiving is about time with my dad. It’s the one holiday in the year that we always spend together, just the two of us. When I was living in the UK, I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and though I recall family parties and Thanksgiving parades from my younger years growing up in the US, it wasn’t until I started college that this holiday began to truly mean something to me. 

Since my freshman year, I have flown to Texas every Thanksgiving bar one. It is always a welcome break from the madness of New York and it gives me a bit of time to rest before I travel to Europe for Christmas in Wales. Our Thanksgivings are usually a small affair, just me and my dad and the occasional friend or guest. Since it’s just the two of us, we get to do Thanksgiving dinner however we like. Some years we go big: turkey, mashed potatoes, dirty rice, Southern gravy, corn bread, sweet potatoes, pecan pie. And some years (most often) we go light: turkey, a mixed green salad, my grandfather’s famous potato salad and pecan pie (too good to change no matter the dietary consequences). But ever since that first Thanksgiving back in 2006, my dad and I have always started the morning off with a glass (or two) of spiked eggnog. And this isn’t your everyday, slosh of cheap whiskey. No, this is eggnog spiked with Remy Martin. It is delicious and strong and to me, it signifies the official start of the Holiday season. It also happens to be the perfect tradition for my dad — something classic with an extra special twist. I’m looking forward to it already…

Happy Holidays!


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