Taurus Full Moon


It’s the Full Moon in Taurus and the best thing you can do to honor this very powerful energy is to truly enjoy your physical environment. The people, places, smells, sights and tastes that make up your day to day. The pleasure of eating a delicious dinner. The warmth of hugging your partner. The cozy feel of your favorite cashmere sweater on your skin.

In fact, I am quite late posting this today (the goal was 11:00 am) because I took my own advice.  I simply enjoyed my son today. The way he smiles and stretches, the way he feels in my arms, the way he rests his little hand on my chest while I am feeding him. His smell. His delicious baby smell. 

Tonight, even though you may not be able to see the big beautiful full moon behind the clouds, cherish every conversation, every breath, every bite that you experience under it. There is nothing more important then being and loving where your heart is.

Happy Mooning


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