A beautiful weekend

 Image by  Carolina Engman

Image by  Carolina Engman

The incredibly successful and always inspiring Diane Von Furstenberg shares the lessons she’s learned from her mother in her forthcoming book, The Woman I Wanted to Be.

In this article for The Cut, Ann Friedman asks whether all those ‘Empowering Women’ conferences and events should be doing more to actually empower women.

A beautiful blog. (And the wonderful line behind it!)

A beautiful magazine.

A beautiful (Nobel Peace Prize winning!!) woman.

Have a beautiful weekend!


The North Woods PT 1


My husband grew up in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Lakes, eagles, bears and space. The space to just be.

Laying on his chest, on one of the first nights of many to come almost 8 years ago, I felt this place. The spaciousness, the peace, the quiet, the safety. I felt I could breath for the first time, like I had come home.

This is Oliver’s first time here and I can feel  this place in him as well.

Deep breaths.

Deep conversations.

Deep gratitude. 


Just Keep Swimming

  Artwork  by Matouen Peluche

Artwork by Matouen Peluche

Here’s something I know: no matter how detailed your plans, you will always hit bumps in your road.

Bumps are frustrating. After all, they come after you’ve dreamed your big dreams, written out your new goals and organized all the ways said goals can be achieved. Suddenly, after hours, days and sometimes months of planning, you find yourself lost and confused, dismayed that your efforts didn’t work out and baffled by what you should do next.

During times like these, when I feel as lost as ever, I look to Finding Nemo (that’s right, the Disney movie). This scene to be exact. I remind myself, that when I don’t know where the hell I’m going or what the hell I’m doing, all I have to do is ‘just keep swimming’.

If I can continue to show up and have faith, the right thing will eventually happen. I (try to) remember that when I allow myself to surrender control, I make room for life to show up for me. 

In our interview with Molly Guy, she spoke about the importance of letting go and making space for all the unplanned greatness around us. So here’s to opening up to possibility and all the magic and wonder that can’t be seen!






Look for something,

find something else, and

realize that what you’ve

found is more suited to your

needs than what you thought

you were looking for.

-Lawrence Block

As many of you know, the idea for Girl Gift Gather emerged during our weekly tea dates. What not so many of you know is that at the time of these tea dates, we were both doggedly pursuing our college-informed career paths. And nothing was flowing, for either of us. After months of talking about our frustrations, we finally surrendered to the idea that maybe the Universe had something else in mind for us. Less than week later, our friend posted an off-hand, sarcastic casting call for a (hilariously crappy) reality TV show featuring Brooklyn girls on our Facebook walls. It was this silly joke that sparked the question, “why isn’t there a TV show featuring the many incredible Brooklyn women we know?” That question was quickly followed by, “why isn’t there a place that shares the honest struggles and triumphs of young, female entrepreneurs?” And of course, where is the budget for that!? And from that serendipitous Facebook post, Girl Gift Gather was born.

It’s pretty cool! As Girl Gift Gather entered our lives, we released who we thought we should be and what package we thought our happiness should come in. Instead, we allowed for an idea, that has brought us (and hopefully others) a ton of joy, to gracefully land in our lap. Getting attached to outcomes, ideas, and defined trajectories is not something that we will ever stop doing; but we are learning daily, hourly and sometimes moment by moment, to release what we think we want and to embrace what actually wants us.



Sisters of the Moon


We’re not quite sure we know how to handle the magic that is the lovely ladies Haim hanging out at Stevie Nicks’ house in California for The New York Times Style Magazine! While we highly recommended reading the entire, dreamy article, we’re sharing a few of our favorite quotes with you because they are too, too good. Here’s to wishing we were one of Stevie’s “thousands of goddaughters”! 

On journaling:

“On the right-hand side of the page you write what happened that day, and on the left-hand side you write poems…You want your journals written by hand in a book, because someday, if you have daughters — I don’t have daughters, but I have fairy goddaughters, thousands of them — all of these books are gonna go to them, and they’re gonna sit around just like we are now, and they’re gonna read them out loud, and they’re going to be able to know what my life was.”

On becoming successful:

“My mom used to always say, ‘You paint the picture and it will happen.’ I believe that if you close your eyes and see yourself up on that stage, being bigger than life, you become that person with that big, really good attitude.”

On being a part of a group:

“We do not lay down on the road for anybody to walk over us, ever.”

On the magic of the moon:

(After giving each girl a moon pendant) “You have to have your moons. So you’re our sisters of the moon.”

On career choices:

“Oh, that’s fantastic! Well, if you’re not going to be a rock star, a real estate agent is the next best thing.”


Full Moon in Aries + Eclipse

  Artwork  by   DEMING     KING HARRIMAN  on  Create Collect

Artwork by  DEMING KING HARRIMAN  on Create Collect

Today is the Full Moon + Eclipse in Aries. I’ll spare you all of the astrological details and break it down in simple terms. Full moons make people act a little weird, add the eclipse energy in fiery, hot headed Aries and you have a perfect recipe for some serious tensions. The good news, inside your frustrations there is hidden gold. Something I like to say when I find myself in the heat of the moment is; “out of this situation only good will come”. I learned that gem from Louise Hay and it has served me very well over the years…not to mention a few times today! Choose a loftier perspective. Try to put your annoyances in perspective. And trust that all is working out for the highest good.

Happy Mooning!



Let’s give ourselves a F-ing break


It’s a busy time of year. The leaves are changing and the whole city is aflutter with excitement for Autumn. There is non-stop talk of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, apple picking and crisp morning walks. And while we could wax poetic about butternut squash soup and our love of sweater weather, we decided to spare you from more of the same.

Instead, this week, we’ll talk of compassion. It is a hard thing to have and we won’t even pretend we’ve come close to mastering it. People fail, ideas fail, bodies fail, promises fail. It can all be so profoundly disappointing and sometimes it can hurt like hell. But compassion is our key to looking beyond these small disappointments, and keeping the bumps and struggles of our lives in perspective.

Do we posses enough selflessness to distance ourselves from our own suffering long enough to look at the suffering of others? When we see those suffering, can we be so compelled by their troubles that we ache to relieve them? And when it comes to ourselves, how do we find kindness? Can we look at our day, and instead of chastising ourselves for sleeping too late or eating too much, instead of wishing we had gotten more done and promising to do better, better, better, can we simply say… “today I did my best and that was enough”?

And on those most difficult of days, when it seems there is nothing but failure, let us remember that failure is an integral part of success and that we are on a journey that moves one step at a time.

This week, this month, this year, or just this morning if that’s all you can manage, practice compassion. Start with yourself and then move on to your partners, your parents, your co-workers, your friends, and the stranger on the street. It might be exactly what they need to get through a not so perfect day!