Today is the Scorpio New Moon, and full disclosure, it is always my favorite New Moon of the year. Scorpio rules the real stuff…Life, death & rebirth. 

A great Scorpio mantra is from Tosha Silver, a hippy dippy astrologer who I am a bit in love with:

“Change me into One who can open gratefully to the New. Release me from the prison of old attachments, resentments and addictions that no longer serve. May I see myself as You see me, a radiant, beautiful soul. May I love and care for myself in every way. 

May I always know that I am enough and that there IS enough. Use me for the greatest good, You know the deepest needs of my heart . May I be a Force of Love and benefit on the planet. 

Let what wants to go, go. Let what wants to come, come. Let what wants to stay, stay. I am Yours, You are Mine, We are One, all is well.”

Happy Mooning!


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