To Roam and Ramble


Part of enjoying this new, slow pace is taking the gifts that the world presents to me. So last week, when Michael was given a rare day off from graduate school and I found myself free from meetings and deadlines, we took a day to run away.

We weren’t really sure where to go or what to do, but we knew we wanted to get out of the city. There was talk of Storm King and Blue Hill at Stone Barn, but even those charming destinations limited us with their opening hours and entrance fees. We wanted to wander, we wanted to explore, we wanted to be free of plans and agendas. So we drove North, it’s Fall after all and watching the leaves turn is an absolute must (especially if you hail from the UK where the prominent colors are green and grey). 

After a little perusing online, we settled on Spooky Hollow. It’s nearly Halloween and it seemed like a fun and festive thing to do, plus, we could always keep driving up to Cold Springs if it wasn’t our cup of tea. 

We landed in the small town to find it was quiet and quaint, as was the neighboring Tarrytown. We were too late for the infamous cemetery and too early for dinner, so we drove some more until we reached the Rockefeller State Park Preserve.  The park is over 1,400 acres and includes the stunning Swan Lake. There are walking trails and horse riding trails and a variety of birds, deer and other woodland wildlife. We parked our car and started walking, only to return after a crisp sunset in the fields. 

It’s easy to forget the healing power of fresh air, a good walk and a leisurely chat. To roam and ramble with only the quiet hills and crunchy leaves around us was a much needed reminder.



P.S. If you’re looking for to get out of the City, And North is my favorite website to discover places to eat, drink and shop as well as walks and parks to explore upstate. 

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