Time Is On My Side


There’s something a little different about Fall in New York this time around (and no, we’re not talking about the tropical weather this week!). Instead of the usual hectic weekdays, indulgent evenings and over-scheduled weekends, we’re finding our lives moving at a markedly mellow pace. And it’s not just us, everyone we’ve spoken to has found this Autumn air particularly calming.

Sometimes a slow beat is difficult to adjust to. Being “busy” is so deeply ingrained into our culture and our identity that without it, we can feel unarmed. But, give it time. Being busy does not always mean being productive. And being overwhelmed by to-do list after to-do list does not necessarily mean we’re doing our best work (quite the opposite, usually). Moving a little slower allows us to get clear in our work and in our lives. What really needs to get done? And how can we complete it most effectively? If there’s time left over, perhaps instead of filling it with busywork, we can enjoy it by taking a walk, leaving work a little early or cooking dinner.

What if time was on our side (at least for the time being)? What if we just let the day unfold, instead of trying to squeeze every last obligation and duty into it? What if we even dared to enjoy it?

Think about it: slow mornings, early bedtimes, restful weekends. Though it may take a bit of getting used to, we promise it will be healing and restorative (especially in advance of the holiday season ahead). 


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