Just Keep Swimming

  Artwork  by Matouen Peluche

Artwork by Matouen Peluche

Here’s something I know: no matter how detailed your plans, you will always hit bumps in your road.

Bumps are frustrating. After all, they come after you’ve dreamed your big dreams, written out your new goals and organized all the ways said goals can be achieved. Suddenly, after hours, days and sometimes months of planning, you find yourself lost and confused, dismayed that your efforts didn’t work out and baffled by what you should do next.

During times like these, when I feel as lost as ever, I look to Finding Nemo (that’s right, the Disney movie). This scene to be exact. I remind myself, that when I don’t know where the hell I’m going or what the hell I’m doing, all I have to do is ‘just keep swimming’.

If I can continue to show up and have faith, the right thing will eventually happen. I (try to) remember that when I allow myself to surrender control, I make room for life to show up for me. 

In our interview with Molly Guy, she spoke about the importance of letting go and making space for all the unplanned greatness around us. So here’s to opening up to possibility and all the magic and wonder that can’t be seen!



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