Look for something,

find something else, and

realize that what you’ve

found is more suited to your

needs than what you thought

you were looking for.

-Lawrence Block

As many of you know, the idea for Girl Gift Gather emerged during our weekly tea dates. What not so many of you know is that at the time of these tea dates, we were both doggedly pursuing our college-informed career paths. And nothing was flowing, for either of us. After months of talking about our frustrations, we finally surrendered to the idea that maybe the Universe had something else in mind for us. Less than week later, our friend posted an off-hand, sarcastic casting call for a (hilariously crappy) reality TV show featuring Brooklyn girls on our Facebook walls. It was this silly joke that sparked the question, “why isn’t there a TV show featuring the many incredible Brooklyn women we know?” That question was quickly followed by, “why isn’t there a place that shares the honest struggles and triumphs of young, female entrepreneurs?” And of course, where is the budget for that!? And from that serendipitous Facebook post, Girl Gift Gather was born.

It’s pretty cool! As Girl Gift Gather entered our lives, we released who we thought we should be and what package we thought our happiness should come in. Instead, we allowed for an idea, that has brought us (and hopefully others) a ton of joy, to gracefully land in our lap. Getting attached to outcomes, ideas, and defined trajectories is not something that we will ever stop doing; but we are learning daily, hourly and sometimes moment by moment, to release what we think we want and to embrace what actually wants us.



One thought on “Serendipity

  1. Thank you for this, ladies – what an important reminder. For a type A like myself, this can be super hard to remember but it really is so important. And let’s face it – the universe (or whatever you want to call it) has plans for us anyways, so even though I shudder to say this, there really is only so much planning we can actually do.

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