Women: Well Written, Well Read


I stumbled across the reclusive Italian author, Elena Ferrante, this week and was so inspired and intrigued by her writing and her story that I simply could not wait to share!

All four of her the iconic Neapolitan Novels have now been ordered from Amazon and I am eagerly awaiting the first read. The Neapolitan Novels follow the relationship between two best friends as they grow from girls to women. Every word I’ve read about Elena Ferrante speaks to her ability to capture female relationships, so I am more than excited to begin the series.

This morning, after purchasing my books,  I fell down the rabbit hole and found a few articles on the mysterious author. Take a peak at one of her only interviews, a review of the first book in the series (My Brilliant Friend),  and the article that began my obsession, Elena Ferrante Is a New Breed of Literary Girl-Crush. Plus, New Yorker podcast, Out Loud, talks with Elena’s translator about the mysterious power of the author and her books! 

“Relationships between women don’t have solid rules like those between men…I was interested in recounting how a long friendship between two women could endure and survive in spite of good and bad feelings, dependence and rebellion, mutual support and betrayal.”

– Elena Ferrante




One thought on “Women: Well Written, Well Read

  1. This is so true. I’m always fascinated by men’s friendships and relationships. In a way, they seem a lot more formal and with more finalities than women’s relationships. I think that says something interesting about the ways we’re naturally built as different sexes, but that is an interesting quote and really so true. Thanks for sharing!

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